We are Why

A brand, design and communications agency

We are Why
a brand, design &
communications agency

Filming in Why studio

The world’s changed a bit lately. In fact, the world’s changed a lot.
We all have new ways to share our message and make connections with the people that matter to us.

Pencils in Why studio

Formerly KentLyons, we have been
helping brands launch, evolve, sell,
inspire and connect since 2003.

Filming in Why studio

By bringing curiosity and clarity to
every situation we help our clients
become more inventive and
responsive to these changes.

Pencils in Why studio
Filming in Why studio

Why use old ways to do new things?
Why rely on experience over instinct?
Why settle when we can change?

We believe in
asking Why?

Our answers are always honest.

By getting to the truth of a challenge we believe that’s the best start for creating memorable, unique and valuable ideas.
…along with our clients.